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New Landscapes

December 11, 2010

I have had a hard time getting back into painting (not to mention blogging and even visiting blogs) this fall.  Anyway, I have finally broken through to the other side of whatever was keeping me from painting, and am thus able to present numbers 34 and 35 on this journey to 100 landscapes. I hope the rest of the winter will be more productive.

We had a gorgeous autumn here in Touraine this year.  A few weeks ago, while I was out walking with my sons Damien and Paul, a storm rolled in in the distance, creating a thrilling contrast between the dark stormclouds and the gold afternoon light we’d had until then. Luckily we were armed with a camera.  I think Damien took the photos.  Here is my feeble attempt to paint the scene.

I was thrilled to have finally finished a painting, but felt there was too much detail in it, so I did another one.

And now all I feel like doing is painting.

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  1. December 11, 2010 1:03 pm

    Dramatic and beautiful indeed.

    I also prefer the second, not because of less detail, but because one sees the edge of the clouds: more feeling of sun and storm together.

  2. December 11, 2010 2:02 pm

    Great work for a very difficult subject.

    Good that you’re back to painting.

  3. annie permalink
    December 11, 2010 5:45 pm

    Well, I often wonder whether there is an inner clock that determines when we will be
    creative and when we will rest from it to replenish ourselves. I love those clouds,
    too.–the scenes are swept with their beauty and turbulence.


  4. December 11, 2010 8:05 pm

    lovely and moody – I love that kind of dramatic light and it’s great that you are painting again :>)

  5. December 12, 2010 12:47 am

    Wow–these are dramatic and stunning, Casey. I love the way you used the second in your new banner up at the top here, too. Keep it up–I think creativity comes in bits and spurts, don’t you? Go with it when it’s happening, I guess! Great to see your new work, anyway.

  6. December 12, 2010 2:47 pm

    Hi Casey, I do love these, the way the sky seems to ‘drape’ above the landscape, and the contrast of dark and light. I’m glad you got to painting again – funny how we get stuck, but once we get started again we don’t want to stop.

  7. December 12, 2010 4:22 pm

    Stunning skies! You have captured such an atmosphere! What drama, what light !

  8. December 13, 2010 5:05 am

    What an evocative scene–really gets my imagination going. And that exactly proves the point of why oil paintings are most exciting when you’ve simplified as you’ve done. On the other hand the first one has a wonderful composition, with a cross (X) made of light that is really interesting. I like the way you cropped the second one to use as your banner too. By the way, the first one doesn’t link to an enlargement when clicked.

    It’s so great to see you painting again. I know what you mean about “all I want to do is paint!”

  9. Veronica permalink
    December 13, 2010 1:17 pm

    Woo Hoo! The gal is back!
    ..and…in form!
    Bravo Casey.

  10. December 16, 2010 7:37 pm

    Ces 2 paysages sont de toutes beauté,c’est vraiment superbe!!!

  11. December 23, 2010 10:13 am

    100 landscapes is quite a challenge – i love the composition and moodiness of the lower one – the light triangle of sky leads the eye right in. All the best for art and life in 2011.

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